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Hello, I’m Bill Hansbury, aka “Boston Bill” and ten years ago, because of a MRSA infection, my right leg was amputated below the knee, along with three toes on my left foot. Up until then, I had been extremely active, cycling long distances and running dozens of marathons and hundreds of 10K’s. After amputation, with the aid of a prothesis I continued running, walking and cycling. Now, at age 80 plus, I have decided to thru hike the Appalachian Trail.

As a retiree, for the past nine years I have volunteered my time working with amputees to regain their mobility. The Boston Bill Foundation has helped to make this possible. With proper equipment, adequate funding, and lifestyle education, amputees can regain an active and useful life. A dark outlook to their future is now bright again. To take a walk with friends is now possible. Beginning March of 2018, my hike will demonstrate what is achievable at any time in life, at any age, with any impediment.

Six years ago, along with 4 other bicycling amputees, I rode from San Diego, CA, to Vero Beach, FL, a total of 3760 miles. We worked with amputees along our route and many walked that hadn’t walked in years. That’s was a wonderful feeling. With YOUR prayers and contributions, YOU TOO can make it possible for others to experience this wonderful feeling.

Why Contribute To The Boston Bill Foundation?

boston bill foundation

To date, the Boston Bill Foundation has contributed over $80,000 to individuals who have undergone the physical and mental stress of amputation and fitment of lower extremity prosthetics.

Bill Hansbury and The Boston Bill Foundation are leading voices on a wide range of issues, actions and activities that impact people affected by limb loss.

Click here to see Boston Bill being interviewed about the foundation and how he became an advocate for others’ in similar circumstances.

Your donation to this 501(c)(3) fund will provide a person experiencing limb loss with much needed assistance to improve that individuals quality of life.

boston bill foundation

Interested in learning more, well then, click here to continue your education.

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