Why Become Involved With The Boston Bill Foundation?

boston bill foundation

Because of the experience that “Boston” Bill Hansbury had as a positive outcome of his surgery and fittings, Prosthetist Mike Rieth and Hansbury’s surgeon asked Bill to play a larger role in the process.“They would ask me to visit patients in the hospital, to try and pick them up a little bit and share with them how to get back and get going,” Bill said. “I started to do that and found that there were some people, because of the lack of insurance coverage and not having any money, did not have a limb and were not able to get a limb or get them as quickly as they should.”

Bill saw this as a call to action to get additional access to quality care for people with amputations. His response was to start the Boston Bill Foundation, a nonprofit corporation that seeks to raise funds to purchase prosthetic legs.

Why Contribute To The Boston Bill Foundation?

boston bill foundation

To date, the foundation has contributed over $80,000 to individuals who have undergone the physical and mental stress of amputation and fitment of lower extremity prosthetics.Bill Hansbury and The Boston Bill Foundation are leading voices on a wide range of issues, actions and activities that impact people affected by limb loss.

Your donation to this 501(c)(3) fund will provide a person with limb loss with much needed assistance that will serve to improve that individuals quality of life.

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